About Heliski

Where anybody never was…

Heliski is the possibility to escape from the crowded skiing piste and plunge into the wild nature, run the untouched slope, exploding snow fountains.

Heliski is the possibility to see the highest Caucasian mountains from the bird’s eye view, to be lifted in the places, often inaccessible by other means.

Heliski is the way of life and freedom from standards, it’s the way to test your character.

Heliski is the plunging into the mightiness of the surrounding mountains, into the severe, wild nature.

Heliski is the possibility to enjoy your riding skills and to perfect your proficiency.

Heliski is the possibility to spend time alone with your intimate friends in the coziness of hotel suites in the high-altitude Caucasian mountains, to plunge into the rich, centuries-old history of the North Caucasian people and to enjoy their famous hospitality.

A little bit of history.

The real pioneers, who opened up the delivery of skiers high into the mountains, were classical aeroplains. Since 1920 the facts of dropping riders on Alps’ and Greenland’s glaciers have been known. Sometimes aeroplains are still used nowadays, for example, in New Zealand, United States and Canada. But the usage of helicopters is much wider. They have been using approximately since the middle of 1950s in Alaska. Also there in 1990s the first extreme competitions — World Extreme Ski Contest took place. On this competition each participant had the possibility to lay its own way through cliffs, precipices, avalanche places and cracks. Nowadays heliski is very popular among free ride skiers and snowboarders and is spread nearly everywhere, where there are mountains and snow. Lots of people come every year to such places to try their skills and enjoy wild untouched nature.

Safety is the most important!

Riding high in the mountains differs much from riding the prepared tracks – another level, atmosphere, rhythm. That is why the first thing you should think about while being in the mountains – is your safety!

While heliskiing experienced pilots will guarantee you the safety in the air, and high-qualified guides will guarantee the safety on the slopes. That is why it is necessary to follow all the instructions and to be extremely attentive.

Good preparation is almost the success.

As early as making your trip you should think in details over your outfit. You should take all the necessary things and bear in mind all the little stuff, which can stand high and be very required in the mountains.

First of all you should remember, that the weather in the mountains can change several times a day, that is why when buying the gear it is essential to pay attention on its specifications, such as, for example, membrane and ventilation. Clothes should protect from soaking, enable the body to breathe and do not let the snow get under it when falling. Also while heliskiing it is essential to have thermal underwear, which prevent from soaking while sweating and keep the body dry. Besides it is advisable to have special snowboarding / skiing socks for riding – they keep feet warm and fasten, preventing from little injuries. And of course you should have such gloves that will prevent from the snow penetration.

In no case you should forget, that the sun in the mountains is very dangerous and can do a lot of harm to your eyes. That is why while heliskiing it is necessary to wear glasses with sputter from scratches and with protection from ultra-violet rays. It is obligatory to have a mask with exchangeable filters in case of changing of the weather. It should suit the size and should not sweat.

As well as required outfit you can purchase special protecting shell on the back – it will protect the spine. It is also good to use knee supporters and elbow guards and to ride in a helmet instead of just in the mask.

Apart from that you will need sunburn cream with the high sun protection factor and chapstick with the protection from ultraviolet.

Important little things.

Alongside with the outfit essential equipment for heliskiing consists of:

ABS Airbag System helps the person, who gets in avalanche to be hold on its surface, reducing to the minimum the risk of being under the mass of the snow. Its operation is like the operation of a life-jacket.

Avalanche transceiver receives and transmits communications signal and has indicating light panel, showing directional heading and the distance in meters till the transmitting transceiver. Before lifting into the mountains it is essential for the guide to teach the group of its using.

Probe is a long stick, with its help it is possible to measure the depth of snow above the person, stacked in an avalanche.

Avalanche shovel is the next action after using the avalanche transceiver and probe while saving a person under the avalanche.

First aid kit it is always necessary to have protective strip, bandage and elastic roller.

Screwdriver should be near at hand to change the fastening angles or fix loose base.