After the heliskiing you will have the great opportunity to explore rich history of this region and visit:

  • Byzantine temples of the Xth century

On the territory of the ancient Alanian Empire near the Arkhyz village there are three medieval Christian temples of the X century.

  • Image of Jesus Christ

In 25km from the resort on the rocky terrace at an altitude of 150 meters there is an image of Jesus Christ of VIII-IX century. Not far away from it there are early Christian burials.

  • Observatory

Near the village in the special astrophysical observatory had been installed the biggest telescope in Europe with the 6 meters mirror.

  • Dolmens

In 12km from the village there are the ruins of the ancient settlement - Alanian Empire, and nearby – dolmens – one of the most ancient human constructions, gravestones made of unbroken stone blocks.

About the area

Arkhyz is the mountain village in the Zelenchuk Region of the karachay-cherkessia republick, which is situated between branches of the Great Caucasus.

Arkhyz is an incredibly picturesque and pure place: there are over 70 lakes, 50 waterfalls, quaint rocks, forests, mountain glaciers, fresh air and 300 sunny days in a year.

The village is situated at an altitude of 1400-1500m above the sea level, the elevation of the surrounding mountains is more than 3,000m. On the South the village is locked by the Great Caucasus with rocky peaks and considerable glaciers, the largest from which are Sofiyskiy (3640m) and Psyshskiy (3790m). The glaciers guarantee soft fluffy snow even without fresh snowfalls.

The skiing zone is about 1100 square kilometers. The drops begin from 800m and can reach 2000m. Good snow quality and mild klimate in this region is caused by the proximity of the Black Sea.

The biggest advantage of skiing in the Caucasian mountains is the absence of so popular in Europe restrictions on landings. In Arkhyz you can conquer every peak you like and ski wherever you want on the huge variety of terrains. And light little helicopters will make landings even in the most hard-to-reach places possible.

The road from the international airport Mineralnie Vody will take 3 hours. And the flight from the hotel to the skiing zone only from 5 till 15 minutes.


The accommodations are taking place in the newly built "Romantic" Hotel 4*. IT IS SITUATED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ARKHYZ SKI RESORT VILLAGE AT AN ALTITUDE OF 1642M ABOVE THE SEA. Comfortable rooms, designed in classical style, 60 places restaurant, sauna, hammam.