Krasnaya Polyana


After the heliskiing you will have the great opportunity to explore rich history of this region and visit:


Olympic Village is situated at the altitude of 1100 m above the sea level. During the Olympic Games is was one of the main objects - it hold more than 3000 of the best athletes of the planet. In june 2014 it was opened for visiting.


On the territory of the Olympic Park are situated such objects as Olympic Stadium "Fusht" (ceremonies of opening and closing of The Games), palace of winter sport "Iceberg" (figure-skating and ice-dancing competitions), ice palace "Bolshoj", ice rink "Shajba", skating centre "Adler-Arena" and curling centre "Ledyanoj kyb". 


In the beautiful place of Ahshtyrskiy canyon the first Skypark in Russia is situated. Its creator is the founder of bungee jumping AJ Hackett. The main pride of the park is the Skybrige - the longest in the world hanging bridge under the canyon. Its length is 439 m, height - 207 m. And for the lovers of adrenaline on the brigde are constructed special grounds for unique attractions: BUNGY 69 и BANGY 207 м, SochiSwing и MegaTroll.


It is the biggest seaquarium in Sochi. It has 30 aquariums with total amount of 5 millions litres. It is posible to see there more than 100 of freshwater species, inhabiting the territories from Amazon and Ecuador to Australia.


Sochi's arboretum is consided to be the "green treasury of Russian subtropics". It has the unique collection of 2000 exotic and rare plants, animals and birds from different parts of the world.

About the area

Krasnaya Polyana is the settlement of Sochi in Krasnodar region. It is situated in the mean flow of Mzymta river, in 39 kilometers from the Black Sea and at the altitude of 500 m above the sea level.

Krasnaya Polyana is situated in the Western Caucasus and is surrounded by high mountains: from West by mountain Achishkho (2391 m) and its branches, from East by Aibga range, on the north side of which skiing center "Rosa Khytor" is situated. In 15 kilometers to the north from Krasnaya Polyana there is the dividing range of the Great Caucasus. The settlement is connected with Adler and the airport of Sochi by combined auto- and railroad. There is a helicopter airdrome. 

Krasnaya Polyana was the host of XXI Winter Olympics and XI Paralympic Games, on its snowy and glacial tracks took place competitions of all kinds of Olympic program. 

Nowadays Krasnaya Polyana is one of the most popular centre of mountain skiing and snowboarding, having the reputation of one of the most "presentable" in Russia. Due to the moist air ski slopes are known for its good and soft snow. Ground relief gives good opportunities for backcountry skiing.

Heliski zone is more than 200 kilometers and very diverse, it gives opportunities for alpine and forest skiing. The helicopter rises at 2200 - 2500 m, drops are 800 - 1100 m.